Our Mission

"Growing Food and Power Through Sustainable Arts and Culture."

Blue Trunk Community Garden’s goal is to maintain a sustainable operation by practicing ecological sustainability and providing members of the community  with knowledge of the importance of agriculture, community and trade. 

Core Values: R.I.S.E.

Restoration: Healing our earth by restoring our ancestral knowledge on agriculture.   

To plant a seed, is to grow in oneself. In order to plant the correct seed at the correct time, it requires knowledge and research on the environment and climate around you. Our ancestors understood this and more. Agriculture/Agroecology was the way of life of our ancestors and it is our calling to restore the earth we have inherited.

Integrity: A community built on integrity is a righteous one.

In order to provide an organization with a vision as ours, our actions must mirror the greater good of our goals. To act with integrity, requires more than respecting your neighbors; Blue Trunk Community Garden encourages each individual to be respectful of themselves. Our earth is our home, we are family.

Sustainability: To practice sustainability one must be sustainable.

Sustainability can range from recycling materials, donating clothes, and minimizing waste to composting, growing food, and trading goods. In order to be a sustainable organization, we must educate ourselves on new ways of sustainable living.

Expertise: Everyone’s expert opinion is valued.

         A growing organization requires the knowledge of each individual to provide adequate services according to the community’s needs. In order to receive the community’s support, we must ensure that every individual involved and their opinion is valued.

“As a Sustainable Community, We RISE.”

Next Steps...

We aim to collaborate with individuals and other organizations to provide specialized education and workshops according to their field and areas of expertise.