BTCG, with the support of Shaman Bag Boutique, hosts free family events with music, food, culture, vendors, raffles and so much more that everyone can enjoy.  If you don't want to miss them, make sure to check out our event calendar below, follow us on Facebook & Instagram or by signing up for our newsletter.

We are looking forward to you learning who we are and what we are about as well as experiencing how fun it is to give back to the community while making our city a little greener!

Community Outreach 


Garden Brigades

We are committed to our city and to the sovereignty of its people so much that we have put together and implemented our Garden Brigades program.

Our organization thrives on giving back to our community and the land that supports it. So, in addition to our monthly open garden days and free workshops, we are here serve and support others more directly and outside our primary garden space with their personal garden spaces as well.

If you have thought about starting or are in the process of growing your own food right in your own backyard, front yard or even indoors (Yes, you can have an indoor garden!) this is the program for you.

The best part of our program is you don't have to be a master gardener because we take all of the guesswork out of the planting and upkeep of your urban garden.

Our Garden Brigade will not only provide you with the necessary gardening education and guidance regarding any questions, doubts or concerns you have about your urban garden, but also assists with periodic maintenance, seeding & cuttings of young plants, garden set-up as well as organic composting.

Submit your BTCG Brigade Application today and join the growing group of passionate and savvy urban gardeners of Central Florida .



Team Clean-Ups

Our organization is leading by example when it comes to the applied understanding that our air, water and earth have been taking quite the beating and that we ALL are responsible.

As an organization we have decided to take every possible step to operate in the greenest most sustainable way. We may not be many, but we are proud to be among the few who  continue to fight and do our part. By, digging our hands into something that is overlooked by the many , BTCG  has promised to host as many clean-ups as possible with the hope that our teams will reach more places besides our local streets.

At the moment we have adopted Old Cheney Hwy in Orlando, the vicinity or our garden home. You can catch and join a team on that street at least once a month  making sure any plastic, glass or other debris is sorted and disposed of properly and away from our waterways and wildlife.  

To be part of our clean-up efforts, just fill out our Garden Volunteer Application or come visit and join us at our next garden day.